How to Choose the Right Size of Tights: A Comprehensive Guide

We often hear this question from our customers, so we thought it'd be a good idea to discuss it here. We're sure many of you might be wondering the same thing or feeling a bit uncertain about your size when you're about to make a purchase. So we're here to help today! 


Betty's tights: Love Me.

Why Size Matters Most

When shopping for tights, size is the most crucial factor to consider. Wearing tights that are too small not only risks tearing them before you even step out the door but also guarantees discomfort throughout the day which is definitely not ideal. To ensure your tights are a perfect fit, let's dive into the essentials of selecting the right size. 

First, Consult the Size Chart

Tights sizes can vary significantly from one brand to another and even from one style to another within the same brand. Factors such as the type of yarn used and the knitting technique used can all influence sizing. Therefore, it's essential to always consult the size chart provided by the brand.

Here are however the 2 most important factors to consider while picking your size: your weight and your height! 

The size chart is usually based on your weight (in pounds or kilograms) and height (in feet or centimeters).

To read the size chart, first, determine what your weight is in either pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) and then your height in either feet (ft) or centimetres (cm).
Next, find your measurements on the size chart. 


Bigger is Better

Once you've consulted the size chart and find yourself in between sizes or at the upper end of a size range, remember this rule of thumb: bigger is ALWAYS better. Tights are generally designed with a snug fit in mind, and considering their close-fitting nature, opting for a slightly larger size is far more comfortable than trying to squeeze into a smaller one. so Don't risk discomfort; choose the larger size!



Trust the Stretch

When you first remove them from the packaging, they may seem either too small or too large. However, tights have a remarkable ability to stretch and mold to your unique shape. If you've followed the size chart correctly, chances are you have the right size in hand. Trust the stretch and give them a try – they'll likely fit like a glove once worn. We also recommend to always pre-stretch your tights before wearing them. help get the yarn ready and mobile to be worn and stretched onto your body. Place one hand on the foot of one leg, and the other on the top of the tights and pull them apart gently.

Your Body Shape Matters: How Our Products Cater to All

We think that everyone should be able to enjoy that perfect mix of style and comfort that our products offer. The idea to start our brand actually came from our own frustration with tights. We wore them because we had to, not because we enjoyed the experience of wearing them. So here is one of the features we added to our tights to ensure they would fit all body types

-An Extra-Wide Belt for Ultimate Comfort


 Unlike many other brands that use a single elastic for the waistband, we went for the extra mile and added an extra one to our belt. The results? An extra-wide belt of 5cm. This innovative feature ensures that your tights stay in place without feeling tight or constricting around your waist.

This extra-wide belt has multiple advantages:

  • No Pinching: The dual-elastic waistband eliminates the uncomfortable pinching sensation that can occur with single-elastic waistbands. You can move, sit, and go about your day without worrying about discomfort.

  • Alignment with Every Body Shape: The two elastics work in harmony to provide a secure and comfortable fit that aligns with your body shape, no matter how curvy or petite you are. It ensures your tights stay up without strangling your stomach. 

  • No rolling under your clothes: Like us, we know that you hate this feeling too. The fact that our belt is wider ensures that your tights stay in place, so you can move freely and confidently without the annoyance of constant readjustments.

If you're still not sure about your size after reading this, feel free to email or DM us on Instagram. We're always here to help you find the right fit!