The fashion industry is dirty!

At Betty, we put sustainable thinking at the center of everything we do from product innovation to production. This means we only choose fabrics that care for our environment and we only work with factories that cares about their impact, too.

We believe that sustainability is not nice to have anymore but should be the only way going forward.

Since we started this adventure, we are always looking at new ways to produce our hosiery products, researching new materials and production methods to make sure we constantly improve our processes.

We still have a long way to go to become a circular brand but we're making progresses everyday.

Here is where we're at currently:  

1 - Our Materials

The polyamide we source to create our tights are not raw materials. Yes, you are reading this correctly! Rather than being specifically produced for us, we use waste materials from other nylon production, such as excess from other competitors brands. Although nylon is a not natural and an oil based product, by using nylon waste from other brands in our tights, we save this excess waste from being sent to landfills and oceans. 

 The reason why recycled nylon is consid­ered as a green option is because it is using less energy and various studies all agree that it takes from 33% to 53% less en­ergy compared to what’s needed to produce raw materials. It is also cited as producing far fewer emissions to the air than the production of virgin polyamide.

All our materials are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. This means that the raw material itself must comply with some laboratory test criterias to ensure that it does not contain harmful substances that can be dangerous to humans and nature. This quality certificate meet higher standards that the one mandatory from the European Union.

In the future, we're looking at exploring bamboo as an other alternatives to produce our tights. 

2 - Our Production

The people and factories we work with are carefully selected by us before every production cycle. We're taking into consideration several factors including their commitment to environmental issues, if they are working with sustainable fabrics, their location (it wouldn't make sense to produce in Asia as most of our customers are in Europe) and the commitment to their employees. 
Ensuring ethical, fair and environmentally friendly production is a continuous process and we're making progresses everyday. We constantly invest in making our production as sustainable as possible, from our choice of materials and suppliers which are helping us minimize our waste, water consumption and energy footprint. We always strive to make the most sustainable choices even if it is not necessarily the most economically sensible choice as we believe that the future must- and can be greener. 
Currently, our entire supply and production happens within Italy and Spain. All our factories are in Italy which is known to be the best place in the world to manufacture tights. On top of producing high quality tights, all out partners also believe in the green economy. Every single of them installed very early on photovoltaic panels on the roof of their ateliers and are now capable to meet all their company's energy needs.

Our partners are also letting us order small quantities everytime we're producing a new design to avoid mass production. We ONLY produce what we need and do not have years of stock sitting in our warehouse. 

3- Our commitment to make qualitative products 

One of the most important criteria for us while we were developing our tights was to make sure their quality was top-notch! We wanted them to be resistant enough so don't have to throw them a single use.

It took us several round of sampling to come up with a pair of tights that was 10 times more resistant than an average one! 

By innovating on this front you can keep our products longer and do not need to invest so frequently in a new pair of tights. 


4- Our Packaging

Packaging is a big and inevitable part of the textile industry. Everytime we were buying a new pair of tights, we were always surprised by the amount of plastic used to wrap a single pair. But, at Betty, we wanted to do things differently and minimize the use of it.

Here again we could not have done it without our partners who accepted to change the way they worked for us. Most of the time, once the factories are done with the production, they will wrap each pair of tights in a plastic bag. We did not want that and asked them to use our handmade pouches instead. Each of our pouches are made from dead stocks fabrics, are reusable, unique and will be perfect to hold your makeup when you go on a weekend trip. 


5 - Our recycling program