Betty's story

Welcome to Betty, where elegance meets allure, and the art of seduction is celebrated with every piece we create. Our story is one that revolves around the essence of powerful femininity, encapsulating the allure of past and present, the intrigue of lost love, and the electric intention of irresistible flirtation. Betty was born as a moodboard, a canvas of inspiration that painted a portrait of the most influential female figures. From this ethereal beginning, it quickly transformed into something tangible and exquisite.

At Betty, we believe in rekindling the essence of powerful femininity through the revival of long-lost accessories, starting with the most iconic of them all, tights. We've taken this accessory off the dusty shelf of your corner shop and transformed it into a conversation piece, an embodiment of sensuality and style. Betty is more than just lingerie; it's a movement that empowers women to embrace their seductive side while celebrating the enduring heritage of femininity.

Betty's Tights

Our Values

At the heart of Betty, we hold authenticity, quality, and savoir-faire in the highest regard. It's our unwavering commitment to these principles that sets us apart. We've carefully chosen to partner with family-owned businesses in the picturesque landscapes of northern Italy, where craftsmanship and tradition converge to create the most exquisite garments. Moreover, we prioritize green suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that our creations have a minimal environmental footprint. When you invest in Betty, you're investing in quality that outlasts the ordinary. Our tights are crafted with strong yarn and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they thrive longer than your average pair, becoming an enduring part of your wardrobe.

Meet the Founders

The story of Betty is not only about the brand; it's also about the two women who brought it to life. Born in France, Charlene and Joanna embarked on a journey that eventually led them to cross paths while living abroad. It was during these moments of connection and shared dreams that the idea of a French fashion brand, one that encapsulated the uniqueness of their culture without veering into cliché, took root. Joanna, the artistic visionary behind Betty, infuses her passion for design and aesthetics into every piece, ensuring that each item exudes an elevated, luxurious, and, most importantly, sexy aura. Charlene, at the helm of the brand's performance, ensures that Betty is not just a brand but an experience.

In every piece of lingerie, we craft, in every thread we weave, and in every sultry moment our creations inspire, Betty stands as an embodiment of timeless elegance and the epitome of seduction. We welcome you to explore our world, embrace your sensuality, and be part of the revival of a powerful feminine heritage.

Betty - where the past meets the present, and seduction finds a new definition.